Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

By accepting this agreement you allow DeckTutor to:

  1. collect and archive my personal data, such as name, email address, address, IP address, username and password, date of birth and eventual financial information like credit card number or bank data;
  2. show my username and city in my listings and in my profile, to any user of the site;
  3. make my personal data (name, address) available to the counterparty once a transaction has been started (for better transparency);
  4. collect and store information based on each of my transactions, to monitor purchases and sales, and for the creation and publication of relatives feedbacks;
  5. use my personal data for marketing purposes without transferring them to third parties;
  6. use my personal data for the compilation of usage statistics;
  7. use my personal information to investigate eventual illegal activity and fraud.


Modification of your personal information

  1. You can see, check and change at any time any of the personal data saved in our system. We invite you to update the information promptly in case of changes or inaccuracies;
  2. once you’ve sent a message you cannot edit or remove it in the mail section;
  3. to close your account you must submit a request directly to the staff ;
  4. DeckTutor will retain personal data relating to closed accounts to prevent fraud, collect any pending fees and offer assistance in case of any investigation.


Security & Account Protection

  1. Personal data will be protected by tools such as encryption and password;
  2. it’s up to the user to preserve and not spread his personal data (user name and password) in order to prevent fraud;
  3. each user, in case of compromission of his account, is invited to a password change and a timely warning to Decktutor’s staff.

DeckTutor may change at any time, at its discretion, the content of this "Privacy Policy", highlighting the new version through the website.
New terms and conditions will be effective 30 days after publication.

For any clarification, please contact: