Guide to cards shipping

Cheap cards shipment


Bill of materials

A Common magic cards (with no value)
B Card or cards you have to ship
C A sleeve (not a perfect size)
D A letter-sized envelope
E An sheet of paper
F Tape


Place the card to be shipped between the low value cards, and insert all of them together inside the sleeve.


Fold the A4 paper in three equal parts, than place the sleeve on the bottom centered.

Fix with some tape the sleeve to avoid movements during the shipping.

If you are sending more than 4 cards, you can cut a third of the A4 paper to keep the weight under 20 grams.


Put the paper in the envelope and close it. Add some tape on the edges, in this way the letter can't be opened accidentally.


If possible try to send the priority mails from the post office and not from the mail drop.

The loss percentage of the priority mail is higher if you use the mail drop instead of going to the office.

Postal employees can also help you to check the weight of the envelope and the address, and your letter will be delivered faster.

Expensive cards shipment


Bill of materials

A A protection sleeve
B Card or cards to ship
C Toploader
D A padded envelope
E Tape


Put the card you have to ship in a sleeve and then in the toploader, then insert it in the padded envelope, and close it.

NB: If you don't have a toploader you can use at least 3 common cards on each side to avoid cards being stamped or accidentally creased.


Strengthen both sides and the closure of the envelope with some tape to avoid any accidental open or tear.

Try to write in a clear and readable way, possibly in capital letters and with the same format reported in the order.