Cards grading

For buying and selling on DeckTutor, it's necessary to have a common opinion on cards graduation.

Therefore this guide provide an indication to graduate each card, with its relative value.

Mint front Mint back M


Perfect card, centered, without flaws or any other mistake.

Indicative value: 100%

Near Mint front Near Mint back NM

Near Mint

A card with little to no defect. Very close to a Mint card but it may have some slight imperfections upon close inspection.

Indicative value: 95%

Excellent front Excellent back EX


A card with visible but limited defects. It may have some light play wear.

Indicative value: 85% - 90%

Very Good front Very Good back VG

Very Good

Quite played card. It may have medium-sized scratches or marks.

Indicative value: 70% - 80%

Good front Good back GD


Played card. Characteristics include scratches, corner wear, edge wear, and dents.

Indicative value: 60% - 65%

Played front Played back PL


Damaged card. Characteristics include scratches, slight bends, slight creases, shuffle creases, edge wear, and corner wear.

Indicative value: 40% - 50%

Poor front Poor back PO


Heavily damaged card. Characteristics include heavy scratches, heavy bends, heavy creases, and heavy whitening along edges and corners. A poor card is usually not tournament legal, even in a sleeve.

Indicative value: 10% - 30%