Magic the Gathering: Mox Pearl (Unlimited Edition)

Mox Pearl
Dan Frazier Unlimited Edition 264

Mox Pearl

Artifact, {0} (0)

{T}: Add {W} to your mana pool.

Formats legality

  • Restricted in Vintage
  • Banned in Legacy
  • Banned in Commander
  • Not playable in Modern
  • Not playable in Standard

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Mox Pearl
Xardas 8 (100%) Up
+Img en VG sign SCAN disponibile. Back PL. 1 650,00 €
Mox Pearl
malusquo 733 (100%) Up
en VG Front VG Back PL chiedi scan MAI PERSA UNA SPEDIZIONE (Ritiro carte) 1 700,00 €
Mox Pearl
nemesi0 134 (100%) Up
en VG Ex- 1 750,00 €
MMint GDGood
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EXExcellent POPoor
VGVery Good Full grading guide
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